How Internet Communication Is Different From Face to Face Communication

Internet Communication is all about virtual reality while face to face communication is all about genuine reality. How else are they different? What really is missing from Internet Communication? Any ideas? Read on to find about.

Internet Communication can be done by Viber, Skype or Facebook video chat. On the other hand face to face communication is done via appointments or casual meet up or visits.

What really is missing from Internet communication? You can see the person on the other end clearly, watch her movements and hear her voice. But long distance video call or chat can have streaming problems making the voice, image and movements blurry. It really is pure luck on your side if you are clearly able to view a good picture of the person on the screen along with her voice and movements.

In face to face communication, you are not only able to grasp the view of the person in front clearly with your eyes but also you are able to pick up cues such as warmth of personality or radiating vibes.

You are able to make physical contact such as handshaking, patting on the shoulder, hugging the other person or pecking on the cheek. These contacts make you closer and more intimate as you converse with the other person.

How else is internet communication at a disadvantage? Although the software tools for conversation with the other person via Internet Communication are free, virtual reality is still only a screen and you may not be fully satisfied talking with other person at a long distance. It may seem too robotic and you may end up missing the person on the other end even more, feeling the absence of something which you cannot define.

Face to face communication is so much more lively and cheerful. You actually feel like talking your heart out to the other person. You become great friends and probably even life partners. It’s all about exuding happiness and being compatible with each other when you are in face to face communication for real.

All these criteria are lacking in internet communication. Although the main idea of holding a conversation online is done perfectly, you maybe missing out on something big which doesn’t satisfy you completely.

Summing up, these are some of the ways internet communication differs from face to face communication and these are the reasons why the latter is always at an upper advantage.