Jack is Living Like Some Sort of Prince

Obviously the man has put in his time with the company. When I started working there his father had him working his way up the ladder. He was the one who taught me my first sales route back when I was on the road. Of course his father was obsessed with earning money and he was really good at it. Jack has decided that he will enjoy it and he had a pair of black escorts in Las Vegas when I caught up to him there. There is not really much chance that he is going to run out of money even if he lived another hundred years and he is not going to do that, obviously. I figure that the estate must have been worth something close to 100 million dollars after the taxes were both paid and evaded.

By the end we were in thirty one states, but the company was only one of a dozen subsidiaries of the holding company and his dad was a really aggressive and successful investor too. He managed to fix it so that Jack and his sister got almost all of it without the tax man collecting very much. Of course I am sort of in the middle. They both trusted me and so before he went things were made clear. I was going to have something of a governing role. So long as Jack behaved in a mostly rational way, he got to control the money. I suspect that his father realized what was about to happen. The man was unconstrained and obviously enjoyed using the money more than his father had enjoyed gathering it all up. So far I have not really had too much to do. His sister just gives the money away, sometimes to people she thinks need it and more often to charity.